Built by West Sea, part of the Martifer Group, at the Viana do Castelo shipyard, in Portugal, this was the third ship in the Viking fleet to be produced for the Douro River.
The interior design concept for the Viking Osfrid, following the Nordic-inspired brand’s orientations in the motifs and patterns and in the use of natural woods and organic materials, created an interesting challenge in the approach to the artistic elements that populate the ship, from the guest rooms to the common areas.
In a journey between Scandinavia and Portugal, the proposal developed by PPS sought to translate the Nordic-inspired geometric elements into Portuguese tilework, represented in various panels in the cabins and bar, in fabrics and textures. In the corridors, wine harvest photos dematerialize on surfaces cut out by shapes and backlighting. The communicating language of the interiors privileged the quality of the materials in a demanding and forward-looking structure