Among more than a dozen projects for Douro Azul, PPS developed the interior design of two luxury cruise ships, both with the same configuration.
In a tribute to the Douro, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the interiors of the two vessels designed with the latest technological innovations, involve the passengers in a floating narrative. Layer by layer, the interior design of both vessels featured imagery that honors two well-known arts and crafts of the region. Douro Elegance’s main narrative is hand embroidery, which appears in a stylized language on the different pieces of tilework wall art, on the printed panels and on the patterns of its spaces’ various carpets. These elements are wrapped in shades of burgundy, gold and green, which give the environment an air of luxury and comfort.

In Douro Serenity, the burgundy color is replaced by the blue of the sky, the gold turns to the silver of the river and the green gives way to straw-yellow hues. The region’s basketry is the main element of the spaces’ narrative. Wicker patterns appear on different surfaces, scales and textures, either on the back-lit printed glass panels of the restaurant or on the tilework panel behind the reception. The overall perception of the spaces aims to transmit a sense of tranquility and comfort to the guests.