Built on a wooded hill in the early 20th century as composer Fernand Halphen’s country residence, Château Hôtel Mont Royal Chantilly is notable for its neoclassical elegance.
In the 1990s, the building was converted into a hotel by the Concorde hotel chain and a new wing was built with 80 guest rooms. When the new owner took over the property, the complex, consisting of the original château and the guest room wing, was in a rather characterless condition. The different renovations made over the years, without coherence or care for style, had taken the personality out of the original building.

PPS was asked to renovate and refurbish the interior of the château, restoring the distinctive and elegant character it had lost. Prioritizing natural light and space, the project for Château Mont Royal sought to harmonize the classic and palatial style with contemporary comfort. The guest rooms in the two buildings were remodeled with different approaches but with a sense of continuity in terms of the French-inspired furniture, combined with modern colors, patterns and textures.

The bathrooms were renovated and nine guest rooms were added to the attic of the new wing, taking advantage of the roof structure. Construction operations and technical improvements were also made, namely to the water supply and air conditioning systems, window frames were repaired, the skylight and the swimming pool floor were restored, among others.
With respect to the interior architecture, PPS carried out the restoration and renovation of the classified public areas, remaining faithful to the Louis XVI style in the furniture, light fixtures and pattern themes, but opting for a reinterpretation of classical patterns and an innovative use of textures and colors.