Located near Cannes, in Southern France, the building was originally a vacation home and then expanded to work as a hotel. Later acquired by Tiara Hotels, it was the wish of the new owner, of Arab descent, to bring the spirit of Moroccan culture to the South of France.
The intervention made by the PPS team in the building was comprehensive, including architectural, interior and landscaping design projects.

Meeting the client’s expectations, PPS sought to bring the Arab philosophy and inspiration to the interior of the hotel—through furniture, patterns and decorative objects—while maintaining the region’s characteristic vacation spirit in the surfaces. The solution found dictated the choice of light and simple materials, with soft and natural colors—which contrasted with the stronger hues of the Arabic decor—for the plastering of the walls and the use of tiles and worn stonework. Outdoors, the landscaping design respected the spirit and materials of Provence, both in the colors and in the arrangement of the gardens and pavement.