PPS participated in the rebranding of the Fleming’s Selection Hotel Hamburg-City by designing a model guest room for the new hotel that could serve as the engine for the future renovation of the rest of the chain.
Built in 1910 as the headquarters of the Hamburg Süd shipping company, the building on Holzbrücke 8 is located in the Kontorhaus district, where the company continued to be based until the building’s purchase to be transformed into a hotel by the Fleming Group.
The district’s unique architecture and commercial history made it famous and a symbol of Hamburg’s rich history as a port and Hanseatic city. In turn, Hamburg itself is marked by the constant presence of shipping containers in its canals, becoming a perennial element in the city’s visual imaginary.

The common basis of guest room’s typological layout is the use of a shower enclosure to divide the open bathroom area from the room’s sleeping area. With a new approach to these elements, making use of timeless materials but from a contemporary perspective, PPS uses the layout to transform the way the space is experienced, personalizing and rehabilitating it.
One of the surfacing elements of the design stands out, taking the form of wall art evoking, together with a scenic light effect, the structure of the shipping containers. The bathroom design also features walls made of glass the same color as beer bottles. The hop flower, used in the production and conservation of beer, was integrated in the design of tapestries, adding a natural element to the decor.