Located in the east side of the city—a growing area that is also home to several studios and galleries and to the new intermodal hub of Campanhã—Hotel Eurostars Heroísmo strikes a delicate balance between its interiors and urban living.
Hotel Eurostars Heroísmo is a 4-star hotel located on an iconic Porto street in the eastern side of the city, not far from an important artistic center and the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. The architectural design project, by architect Miguel Nogueira | N&N Arquitectura, consisted in the joining of two buildings. A new extension was built inside the lot to accommodate the hotel unit, perpendicular to the existing building—which, in turn, underwent structural rehabilitation work.

Pilar Paiva de Sousa developed a model guest room in the new wing, which was replicated in the rest of the building. In order to enhance the interior spatial experience, the architect studied the layouts of the remaining rooms, all of which were different and located in the reinforced concrete building from the 1970s. In the public areas, PPS organized the furniture implementation scheme, seeking harmony between the more private areas and those with greater social interaction, like the restaurant, bar and lobby. The urban connection is bolstered by the existence of a focal point between the lobby and the bar, visible from the outside, which is the stage for music events and artistic performances.